Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Team Member of the Month- Candice

“If HAH could display a billboard for 'Most Efficient Task Completer' Candice’s smiling face would be on it!”

Candice epitomizes our goal for Team Member of the Month. She goes above & beyond to complete any task she’s assigned, often putting in her own time to accomplish it with 110% perfection!

Candice originally worked as a HAH Vet Assistant and Technician but took on the role of our Surgical/Boarding Coordinator in 2005. Since starting that job, she has expanded her roll to include… well just about everything under the sun! She is the right hand “man” of our management team- getting things done that go on behind the scenes.

“She's a people pleas-er and can often be found helping out in every department from reception to vet tech and everywhere in between ending each task with "no problem" "happy to help".  Her positive aura and "pay it forward" attitude are quite contagious.  She is extremely efficient, organized and meticulous in her work. If you want every "T" crossed and every "I" dotted (before you can even ask) Candice is the employee to look for!”

Our Team Member of the Month for August goes to a real star. We so appreciate her service to our staff and clients. Thank you, Candice.

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