Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Client Testimonial

Dear Nancy,

I am sure you hear about it when things go wrong, but I would like to tell you about our experience which was wonderful. My dog, Kiku, was diagnosed with an ulcerated cornea the day before we were suppose to travel to NYC, so severe that she would have gone blind in one more day. We postponed our trip by half a day so we could keep her overnight at HAH, and take her back to Dr. Pelicane, her ophthalmologist, in the morning, and back to your hospital. That night and the five or six that followed, required Kiku to receive serum every 1/2 hour, and every 1/2 hour, and subsequently every hour from midnight to six am, not to mention 7-8 other drugs that needed to be administered. Between Dr. Low and Dr. Swinger ( who added a few more he thought would be beneficial) and all the wonderful techs, her healing began immediately, which assured us that we could go on our trip knowing Kiku was in good hands. 

During our trip Dr. Low spoke to me everyday, and if I didn't call her, she would call me--religiously. Dr. Swinger kept a focus on Kiku, too. I ended up leaving Mochi, our other dog, there, as well. Fast forward to the end of our trip, we picked up two happy and one much healthier bichon! In addition, I spoke to Mimi the night before pick-up to ensure that the dogs would be bathed and ready by noon, so I could pick them up and get to Dr. Pelicane's by 1:00 pm. As I anticipated, all went according to Hoyle!

From the front desk crew, to all techs (to whom I am particularly grateful), Mimi, Dr. Swinger, and most particularly Dr. Low, without whose help I would not have been able to travel, I want to extend my most heartfelt gratitude. Should either dog ever have any health crisis in the future, there is no question where we would go!!!! We live in Boca Raton, but your hospital is the only place we would consider!

I just want to commend you on your staff, and again extend my sincere gratitude to all who helped Kiku back to health!

Thank you so much,

Marilyn (and Reed) Endo

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