Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Team Member of the Month- Melanie!!

Some team members stand out because they wouldn't have it any other way! We recognize their faces and are very aware of their contribution to HAH.  Others do their job more behind the scenes and expect no recognition in return. Melanie D is one of those unique team members. She has never been one to boast about herself and is easily one of our unsung heroes!

Melanie started at the HAH in August, 2004 as a receptionist.  Since that time she has tackled any task given to her with efficiency and is ready to move on to the next task given. Melanie’s many duties include client communications through patient updates, initial contact calls and new client correspondence. Additionally, she plays a major support role for our Surgical/ Boarding coordinator and yet still makes time to assist with patients in our treatment area. 

The busier Melanie is the happier she seems and that’s what makes her such a valuable part of the HAH family! Thank you Mel!

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