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Local High School Partners in the Broward Meals on Wheels for Pets food Drive!!!!

McFatter’s New P.A.W.S Club is Working to Make a Difference for the Animals in Our CommunityMcFatter’s New P.A.W.S Club is Working to Make a Difference for the Animals in Our Community

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Animal lovers and those interested in community service, take note: one of McFatter’s newest clubs, People for Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S), is placing animal rights and awareness on the forefront and working to aid the animals in our community.

Meetings generally consist of different topics, all pertaining to one facet of animal welfare:endangered animals. The food industry, vegetarian options, greyhound adoptions, and puppy mills are among those planned to be covered by the end of the school year.  The club would also like to extend invitations to guest speakers.

Mrs. Zulueta, Sponsor of P.A.W.S., has several activities planned for the club in 2013.
“To fundraise, we would like to sell ‘Puppy Love Packages’ or ‘Orange Crush’ grams around Valentine’s Day. We would also like to sponsor food, towel, and toy drives for local animal shelters.”

She hopes to raise money through several fundraisers, the money from which will be sent to Broward County’s Humane Society and other local animal shelters, as well as to be pledged during Walk for the Animals.  Moreover, she hopes to raise awareness about the pressing issues affecting animals on a global scale of which the general population is often not aware

Mrs. Zulueta encourages all members of the student body to join the club.

 “It is important to be a voice for those that can’t speak. Animals are innocent and deserve to be treated with respect and love. Students in all grades are encouraged and welcome to join and do their part to help an animal in need.”
The club’s president, Denise Akerman, is excited to see how the club will evolve over the course of the school year.
“Although most members are fellow sophomores, I hope to see interest in the club develop across all four grades and welcome anyone passionate about the cause to join,” she says.“If I can change at least one person’s perspective and have them become more privy to and sympathetic towards animal rights issues, I believe I will have done my job.”

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