Monday, December 22, 2014

History of the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital

Front of HAH
Our History 

The Hollywood Animal Hospital was originally built in 1947 by Dr. C.E. Dee and Dr. I.C. Frederickson on what was then the western edge of the City of Hollywood. The announcement of their practice at 2864 Hollywood Boulevard was sent to the community on November 1, 1947. The phone numbers at that time were Hollywood #1253, Ft. Lauderdale #862 and Miami # 7-7727. 
The original announcement to the community about the opening of our practice.

In 1978, we completed the construction of our current medical facility and in 1996, opened the Outpatient Clinic, which is also referred to as the Annex, located next to the hospital.

In 2010, the construction of our final addition commenced adding several thousand square feet to our practice and expanding our services to include a comprehensive Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center and CT scanner facilities.

In 2014, Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) purchased our practice and included us in a family of practitioner over 750 strong.

Since its inception, the VCA HAH (as it is commonly referred to) has grown to include a staff of more than 22 doctors including Boarded General and Specialist Veterinarians. With more than 100 technical and support staff employed compassionate and communicative team appreciate the special role that pets play in our lives.  In addition, we prioritize the lifelong commitment to continuing education as an integral part of the philosophy of our medical staff.

We are an ever growing animal hospital available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide the finest veterinary care to our patients and to assure that their owners are well informed and comfortable with the decisions made regarding their pets care.

View of VCA HAH from the west. You can see our outdoor kennels and running areas for our pets.

A client saying "Good-bye" to their pet as they leave them to board.
Dr. Dee Sr. evaluating a puppy.
Here are a few of the original images from the 1940's of Hollywood Animal Hospital.

Dr. Dee Sr. using fluoroscopy (their current form of 'radiographs') to evaluate and injured leg
Staff area patio.

Lab, Pharmacy, Treatment area

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