Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Team Member of the Month- Nicole

This month's team member has made an impact on our practice over the years with her genuine passion for animals and care for people. This season though she has shared her many other talents to help the HAH and our community. Nicole has been with the HAH for several years and during that time she has completed her schooling to begin a career in cosmetology. While her career goals may not be in Veterinary medicine her commitment to our animal community is strong.

This month we would like to Thank! Nicole for many things.
Thank you, for her handy work that created the collection boxes for our Broward Meals on Wheels Food Drive. Thank you, (and our other staff artist- Joyce) for our incredible holiday window decorations and finally, Thank you, Nicole for coming out full Elf garb for our Photo's with Santa Shoot last Saturday and helping to make the day a success.

Nicole is consistently someone you can rely on. She is a positive influence on our practice and a pleasure to have on our team. Thank you, for all you do December Team Member of the Month!

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