Monday, November 30, 2015

November Team Member of the Month- Sarah!!!!!!!

November is the month of Thankfulness! Throughout this season we are all reminded of all the many thing we are grateful for. True to form our November Team Member of the Month mirrors that reminder.

Having only been a part of our team for a short time, Sarah K. brings a strong leadership quality to our staff. Utilizing her HSBC expereince, Sarah started as a volunteer earlier this year but thankfully, hired on to our Veterinary Assistant team. Quietly she worked and quickly she merged, seamlessly, into our flow.  

Now, as our Vet. Assistant Supervisor, Sarah manages a group that arguably has the most diverse responsibilities and who handles the most extensive customer care.

Always, with a smile and always with a "yes" attitude, Sarah handles her role with great care, calmness and pride. We are grateful for the job she does and the ease she brings to our team. We proudly recognize her as our November Team Member of the Month!!!

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