Friday, October 30, 2015

October Patients of the Month!!

This October we recognize a group of pets as our Patients of the Month.

Early this month we had the joy of watching the many pets we cared for personally- as well as the many pets around the country that were cared for by other animal hospitals-  be transported to their furever homes. In partnership with the local rescue group Jamie's Rescue,our team of doctors and staff provided medical attention to 20+ dogs from a local county shelter.

Mostly middle aged pups, they came to us with a wide range of troubles necessitating a wide range of veterinary care. Initially isolated to ensure no communicable diseases could spread to other hospitalized patients, they received complete wellness care. Through the combined efforts of volunteers with Pilots for Paws, most were ready to make the move throughout the country to their awaiting homes.

Those that needed more specialized care found homes with The Senior Scenter, a cage free senior dog center  in Warne, NC.

 Being a part of this national event in partnership with our local rescue groups affirmed our commitment to care for the pets in our community. Families around the country will be celebrating the coming holidays with their new fur babies. We are proud to have played a role in these success stories. 


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