Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Team Member of the Month- Mary Ann!!!!

 For over 20 years, this team member has made things happen- mostly behind the scenes of the day to day events of patient care. However, without her we would have no equipment to use, no medication to administer, in short, none of the necessities to provide the quality of care we are so proud of. 

Mary Ann B. is an integral part of keeping our team running. She is our Purchasing Department.  She is our go-to when we need……...anything, bought, fixed or ordered!  Even more than that, clients ask for her by name. She goes out of her way to help a client with questions about food, medications and preventatives. As our Police K9 Officer coordinator she is well known by officers across Dade & Broward County as the one to see for food, appointments and meds for their partner. 

We count on Mary Ann to know all the answers and she always comes through. She loves pets, she loves their people and it shows.This recognition has been a long time coming and it is certainly well deserved. We are lucky to have had her on our team for so long and we are pleased to recognize Mary Ann as our October Team Member of the Month!

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