Friday, January 29, 2016

January Team Member of the Month-Alexis!!!

It takes every department in this practice, working together, to make our hospital a success. However, it is arguable that the Front Office Staff has the yeoman's job of serving our clients and our staff from start to finish for every client, every day. There is certainly few dull moments up there.

However, our January Team Member of the Month makes these tasks move seamlessly. Coming up on 9 years with our family, Alexis has seen us through the good and the not so good days.

She is known for her quiet disposition and vocal pup but most importantly for her commitment to getting things done.

If ever you need something, you can bet on Alexis to come through for you. She simply does her job without muss or fuss and brings a quality of calmness to everyone.

This month we would like to thank her for all she does to keep our ducks in a row and our staff and client happy. She is truly a star team player!

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