Monday, February 22, 2016

February Team Member of the Month- Samantha!!

This month we recognize a team member that shows her commitment to the VCA HAH through her sincere dedication to the care of animals.

Samantha J. joined our team officially in June of last year but was a regular volunteer for many months prior. Coming to us by way of the Humane Society of Broward County-were she still volunteers- she stands out in her role as a part time HAH Vet Assistant.

Always bustling around helping clients and -frankly, anyone that asks- she is depended on greatly by each department. She is forever with a smile and always able to stay above any work place drama!

Her attention to details is appreciated here and we are confident it will help her in her academic pursuit to be a  Zoo Veterinarian. Samantha is someone we believe will continue to make a large impact on the animal world for years to come and it is our pleasure to recognize  her as our February Team Member of the Month!! 



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    1. Thank you for sharing your comments here. Always appreciate honest communication from our readers!